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Giannini Racing, Minimoto International, GRC Moto, Polini Motori, Recordmoto & PMT finalize agreement to sponsor factory backed American Minimoto Racing Team.

After months of negotiations an agreement has finally been reached with GRC, Polini, Recordmoto & PMT to full sponsor a team of talented riders for the upcoming 2004 Minimoto racing season. GRC will be sending 4/ 40cc & 2/ 50cc RR Factory Race Bikes to Giannini Racing with the parts and support from the works department to compete in the PBRN National Series and select club events and Polini will be sending 1/ 4.2hp 910 Steel GP3 & 1/ 11hp 910 Steel GP3 to compete in the junior B & C classes. Riders from the XXX Minimoto Team have been chosen to pilot the factory GRC bikes. Rod Furnell, Dale Alexander, Eddie Betzer, and Ian Lloyd will ride the factory GRC bikes and Josh Cook will ride the factory Polini bikes.


GRC Factory Bikes XXX Minimoto

Giannini Racing and Minimoto International / Mid-South Minimoto have formed a collaboration for the 2004 Minimoto racing season to help take the Minimoto racing sport to the next level. Frank Giannini will be the racing director and Minimoto International will provide the logistical support for the team effort. Our intention is to represent each of the factories in the most professional manner that is possible. An extra tent will be set up for riders with GRC and Polini race bikes for support and mechanical help at every race the factory team attends. Minimoto International / Mid-South Minimoto will provide parts and racing goodies at each of these events.

PMT Tires has granted Minimoto International the exclusive importation for the USA of their Minimoto tires along with sponsorship for the 2004 Minimoto racing season. A special tent will also be set up to represent the PMT products and will offer tires for sale as well as free mounting using their automatic tire machines. This special service will be available to all racers. We are also pleased to announce that Record Leathers has also granted Minimoto International exclusive importation for the USA and will be providing special leathers in factory colors for the GRC Moto and Polini Motori Factory Teams. HJC will also be supplying special helmets for all the riders.


With Giannini Racing’s 30 years of racing experience, managing and building racing bikes for B.M.W. Ducati, Honda, and Bultaco the GRC and Polini factories strive to raise the level of competition in the U.S.A. and promote there product in the best possible way. This collaboration promises to benefit both parties as Giannini will be working closely with his counterparts racing departments to develop new ideas that will be tested on the tracks in Europe as well as America. Our riders will enjoy the efforts of the factory race divisions and the creative ideas of Giannini Racing which will enhance there performance potential. Plans are in the works to send the U.S.A. factory team to a few events in Europe. More on this as things develop.

Minimoto International who is the exclusive importer of GRC, Recordmoto and PMT has committed to back the effort and hopes that this level of sponsorship will encourage more riders to become involved with the Minimoto sport. As this is the first time that the factories of GRC and Polini have been directly involved in the racing scene in America it marks a turning point that surely will lead to other companies becoming involved with respect to sponsoring the U.S.A. Minimoto sport. We are particularly pleased with this new collaboration as these two makers are among the finest in the Minimoto sport and should spur interest and good competition for all who are involved.

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